Digital Change Agents®

We are an award-winning digital transformation agency

What We Do

We are one of the only agencies in the UK that can provide an in-house end-to-end service encompassing business vision and strategy, service design, customer experience, creative innovation, website, platform and app design and technical development and delivery.


    Product & service change

    Our multi-faceted team works collaboratively to concept and build the new products, services and experiences that empower our clients to lead in the digital era.  By understanding users, their motivations and journeys, and by collaborating with clients and key stakeholders, we find new solutions, rapidly iterating creative concepts until they're both progressive and fit for purpose.  Our groundbreaking work has led to BIO being named as the No 1 agency for creativity in Econsultancy's Top 100 Digital Agencies for 2016.


    New business models, practices & behaviours 

    We work with clients in sectors under threat from digital disruption.  By looking at the whole business, from operations to technology to culture, we help them drive efficiency, become customer-centric and evolve into agile organisations comfortable with continuous change.  By providing a vision and roadmap for the future and then iterating the solutions that deliver on it, we help them beat the disruptors at their own game.