How We Work

We call on a number of practical hands-on techniques to get to the heart of what customers want and businesses need – often before they even know it themselves. That's when work becomes truly game-changing.

  • Bio Hive™

    Collaboration is more than just a word; it has to be made concrete. In our BIO Hive™ specialist teams co-locate with clients and end customers to create a vision for the journey ahead - rapidly. When all stakeholders share space, they also share perspectives, and our three and five-day workshops get real results, creating true innovation wrapped 360° around customers' needs.

  • Agile Working

    Using agile methods gives our teams the freedom to re-imagine experiences and produce truly ground breaking work. Then there's all the other important stuff - quicker speed-to-market, greater visibility, higher quality results, less risk and better cost control. Everyone at BIO is Scrum-trained but we'll always tailor the way we work to suit the project and client needs.

  • Customer Insight

    We put customers at the heart of our solutions, finding insights that galvanise them to change their behaviour. And it's a double win - the customer has a better experience, and the company can create business efficiencies. To understand customers better we use a range of methods and always deliver personas, journey maps and user diaries.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Go straight into design and you can find yourself trapped in the wrong approach. But working with rapid prototypes sets you free, putting them into user testing early on, getting feedback and making changes in days. Doing this again and again in 'feedback loops' drives the quality of our end product. We have our own methods of rapid prototyping - and it's changing the rulebook.