Introducing the BIO Bold Series

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BIO Bold is a new event series exploring the extreme edges and wild frontiers of design.

As designers, we’re used to considering edge cases and what-if scenarios. But bold thinking can take us further. We believe this series will provide a lens to scrutinise our assumptions about the future of design and tech, and open up new ways to think about our present.

We’re starting with Designing for Space, a look at how satellites, space stations and interplanetary travel might depend upon, and influence, design and product thinking. For us, it’s an amazing opportunity to gather together thinkers and designers of all types, from niche specialists to broad-brush futurists, and examine our own user-centred design principles against the forbidding backdrop of space.
A few free tickets are still available, sign up here.

Read an overview of our speakers and topics below, and look out for more info to come. 🚀🌝🌌

Dr Mindy Howard

Maximizing your spaceflight experience - a human-centred approach

Mindy has been selected by NASA as a “Highly qualified Astronaut Candidate” for a number of years running. She created the first and only space training to psychologically prepare commercial astronauts for their space flights, called Inner Space Training and is a fully trained flight member for the Association of Spaceflight Professionals (formerly, Astronauts for Hire). She has spent 22 years as a strategy leader, people manager and trainer in several blue chip corporations, with expertise in commercial space training, human factors engineering, psychology and human behaviour. She is currently working with Blue Abyss on the design and delivery experience of training programmes for both the space and (offshore) energy industries in technical and non technical subjects.

Dr Richard Sherry

The Psychology of Adaption and Design in the Extreme Environments of Space: (Our Evolving Relationship to the Deep Genius of Nature)

Richard is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. His company, Psychological Systems Ltd., specialises in development for remote psychological assessment tools and specialist interventions across a wide range of areas. He has a special interest in complex environments including deep space psychology.

Dr Olesya Myakonkaya

How to Survive on Mars? Human-Centred Design

A Freelance Innovation Strategist/Service Designer, with expertise in the cross-section of user-centred design, scientific research, and communication. Olesya is the founder and facilitator of Mars Nation, a series of immersive events where enthusiasts and novices solve grand human challenges of space exploration.

We’d like to see you at future events too!

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In July, our BIO Bold event will explore ‘Death and Closure’ (Not as macabre as it sounds!) We’ll be looking at safeguarding your digital assets and legacy, the way we approach digital ‘closure’ experiences and examining how designers fit into the cultural attitudes and taboos that surround death and dying.

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