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Q1. Your typical day at BIO...3...2…1...GO!

There are days that are all about idea generation, looking for these little (or huge) innovation gems that could really make a difference and instil real behaviour change. Other days are about bringing these ideas to life and visualising them via vision films, workshops, microsites, prototypes, vision decks… the list can go on and on (and on). But that’s what’s so great about working at BIO - no day is the same, especially in the innovation department. Variety is good though, keeps me learning!

Q2. What are the three things you like most about BIO?

1) People – and it’s not just about having a fun working environment… it’s about working with some incredibly clever, intelligent, and motivated people. It’s a really refreshing change to work at an agency without egos.

2) A drive to create amazing things – this drive doesn’t just come from the staff, but from the company itself. It’s fantastic to be able to show that we’re willing to drive change and are able to push the limits.

3) Free breakfast – no Friday feels complete without 1 sausage sandwich, 1 sausage roll and 1 cheese and ham toastie. In this order.

Q3. Which innovation do you think will have the biggest impact in the next few years and what do you like about it?

There's something really interesting about seeing how our world becomes ever more connected. Our lives are increasingly intertwined with the surrounding environment. We’re increasingly interacting with products and services in new and exciting ways, and it’s not just about the widely advertised consumer-facing solutions (think autonomous vehicles or smart houses). Connectivity has a knock-on effect – even something as small and intricate as a battery can revolutionise the world! Of course, there are so many other micro-innovations that will have a part to play in the coming years - some will fail to materialise further and others will manifest into things so ingrained with our lives that we will barely notice the change.
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