Brexit shmexit. We’ve got a job to do! 

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I promised myself not to join the toxic diatribe, but in the craziness of the last few weeks it seems our industry is the latest scapegoat for the shock result, which is just plain bonkers.

There are some that feel Brexit represents a vote against digital, a hankering for simpler, less ‘disruptive’ times when technology wasn’t a threat and you ‘knew where you were’, whatever that means.

Ah, those were the days, when we consumers had our eyes ripped out by just about every type of business from travel agents to taxi drivers. When our finances were mis-sold as a matter of course and the computer, almost certainly, said no. Happy days.

Nah. I don’t buy it.

Now more than ever customers need to be in control of what they pay for. The Leave vote was absolute screaming proof of that.

Openness, transparency, inclusivity – the principles we strive for in designing products and services around people (not businesses, by the way) – are exactly the qualities that remove boundaries, make a real and valuable difference to lives, and most importantly have the potential to bring people together.

Recently our creatives were asked why they got into this industry. They all had broadly the same answer – to do something that makes a difference.

It’s true that people don’t like change, but the world is changing. Customer-first innovation is crucial to champion the needs of the people and adapt products and services to work harder for them. If we stand still, we really haven’t learned anything from this depressing state of affairs.

We have a responsibility to continue to help brands improve what they offer by evolving digitally. Political uncertainty and financial instability is undoubtedly huge, worrying, and complex, and more traditional businesses may well be erring on the side of caution budget-wise. But what of the voters? Life just goes on. Brands would be foolish to assume it’s on hold until next financial year. Reigning in ambitions now can only lead to failure in these foggy times.

What we do as digital innovators has the potential to shape our economy, for everyone. It’s us lot that get to invent the future for goodness sake. It’s time to stop mournfully cursing the result and start embracing this opportunity to really make things better.

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