Is the future written in pencil?

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Hermes Apple Watch straps for bankers overburdened with cash.. nice, but…yawn. Voice-activated Apple TV paving the way for the HomeKit march – makes sense.

Apple Pencil. What. The..

My reaction’s like the five stages of grief. Noooo. Don’t do that! Really? I can’t believe they’d DO that. Ugh. My love for Apple is waning by the second, as I picture some god-awful Microsoft stylus that you can ‘get creative with’ that makes everything look like I’m trying to sign for a delivery all over it.

And just, WHY?? Does anyone other than professional creatives at work actually use them? Even Steve Jobs hated them!

Finally, ‘acceptance’ kicks in and I can bear to take a look at the damn thing.

And then the penny drops. OK so it is a stylus. For £65!! But it’s actually a good one, ideal for, er, professional creatives, like me. Someone who habitually walks around with an A3 layout pad and 4 black pens of varying nibbage. This isn’t for opening and closing windows, chewing on and circling bits of content – it’s for doing work – and if it feels as fluid and natural as Apple are making out then it could really change things.

With apparently ‘almost zero’ lag and intuitive pressure-sensor control over stroke and letter formation, suddenly my iPad would become a viable tool for ideation, sketching and scamping. Well not my iPad, the gigantic iPad Pro I’d need to buy to use it with. Then again I could that as a laptop if only I bought the keyboard… Oh wait, what?

That said, the real problem I see with Pencil being a work tool is the fact that Apples’ core audience of designers and creative types simply won’t bother with it because it’ll mean using apps rather than creative suite.

But obviously I need to try it. If only to wow at the 30 second lightening charging.

It does look nice too. But not as nice as the next-gen metallic rose gold one will…maybe I should wait for that, it’ll only be about £1000. Perhaps by then they’ll have figured out a way for the end to be a pressure-sensor eraser. But either way, I can’t help but think I may as well have my teeth knocked out and replaced with carrots right now because there’s no way I’m going to remember not to chew that thing.

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