Four legs good at BIO

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Glutton, diva and occasional squealer Philip the dog has been working on his public profile again. He's one of six dogs profiled in an article for on agency dogs and their crucial roles. Here's an excerpt and his profile below:

“Step into any advertising agency, and you’re likely to run into any number of the usual suspects: creatives, developers, account executives. Add to that list: Barketing Managers.

While office dogs appear in fewer than 8 per cent of businesses in the U.K., they’re a mainstay of agency life. Behind every D&AD pencil or Cannes Lion, there’s a great canine companion who might not come up with the Big Idea but is at least supportive of the most inane ones. Studies have shown that office dogs are a powerful way to reduce stress, boost productivity and even make co-workers more trusting of each other.”


Philip Veash



Job title

Chief Greeting Officer




Long lunches and serial bin tidier

Social media presence

Big on the agency’s Twitter

Greatest professional accomplishment

Triggering a campaign to make the office “dog friendly”: Over the past few years, CEO Peter Veash claims to have spent £100,000 to keep Philip on the lease. This is because he brings major benefits to staff and clients.

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