New BIO research: Call centres still favourite for broadband issues

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It shows that most consumers still ring a call centre when they have broadband issues. 61% of people rang their broadband service provider, with web chat the next most popular option at 20%. Only a very small number, 2%, of people chose to use social media if they had problems.

Although call centres are still the preferred contact method of choice for consumers when they’ve got a problem with their broadband, our survey also reveals that call centre waiting times are still a huge pain point, with one in three consumers citing this as the most frustrating aspect of contacting their provider. Peter Veash, CEO, The BIO Agency

Other call centre bugbears included customers being transferred over and over again (14%) and having to repeat their story to various different operatives (17%), while automated call systems were also considered a nuisance (11%). 

The research was based on over 300 people in Ireland and also investigated why people choose their broadband providers and how comfortable they are trying to fix issues themselves.

For many people, cost is still the biggest reason to choose a particular broadband provider with 38% citing it as the reason for their decision. Only 24% chose their provider because of speed. 

And it seems that many are still very nervous of trying to solve problems themselves. Only 20% would try turning their broadband router on and off themselves before contacting their provider. 46% said that the first thing they would do if there was a service problem is contact their provider.

It seems that broadband providers still have substantial work to do to enable customers to get help quickly and easily and to successfully encourage the use of channels other than call centres. Giving customers the confidence to try easy fixes themselves in the first instance is another way to lessen the burden on call centre staff.

Customer service is currently a big issue for telecoms, with the regulator, Offcom, telling the industry it needed to ‘up its game’ in a report earlier in the year. Issues were around quality, speed of service, and how customer calls and complaints are dealt with. 

Ofcom has announced it will be publishing service quality information at least annually going forward, so that customers can stay informed on how providers are performing. 

The BIO Agency are currently working with two leading telecoms providers.

















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