Why Ryanair is going back to its disruptive roots

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Despite recent and highly publicised travails, Ryanair remains a customer-centric disrupter at heart, says The BIO Agency’s Marcus Dunford in a recent article for Travolution.

Reflecting on his own experience of a recently cancelled flight home from a weekend in Berlin, Marcus felt that perhaps some of the old swagger is gone, with Ryanair now showing a more contrite public face.

With the likes of BA and other premium carriers moving in on the budget short-haul market – and doing so with a smile on their face – Ryanair can’t afford to neglect the service they’re offering to customers.

At its core, Marcus notes, Ryanair has always been a highly innovative and disruptive brand.

By offering a ‘build your own’ option for cash-strapped travellers, Ryanair effectively enabled people to see the world for as little as the price of a pair of jeans. Marcus Dunford, Innovation Lead, The BIO Agency

They were one of the first to fully adopt a digital-DIY approach and offer a multi-channel experience. They delivered friendly and approachable UI when that was far from the norm and, with self-weighing bag drops, were ahead of the curve integrating digital with the physical.

Back in the early days, with an absolute devotion to cost-cutting, Ryanair were able to change the game, and they quickly became an integral part of many travellers’ plans. That they seemed untroubled by a reputation for an uneven customer experience created the perception that people would fly with them come what may.

Maybe the slightly more apologetic tone of voice we’ve seen recently from Ryanair is in fact evidence of the customer-focused mindset needed to stay competitive in an increasingly busy market.

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