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From connected products to smart lives: are you ready for a revolution?

Published Winter 2016

Smart connected technology is transforming our lives. The opportunities of a networked world are discussed here by leading experts in the field.

Our world is changing. The products and services we use every day are beginning to be transformed into smart connected systems. There is potential for these devices and networks to help tackle some of the biggest global issues. However governments, policy-makers, regulatory bodies and businesses need to coordinate plans and consider collaboration at unprecedented levels.

This White Paper contains insights from senior directors and thought leaders at the cutting edge of the development of the ‘Internet of Things’. 

  • Commissioned research on consumer attitudes to connected devices and smart machines
  • Expert views on the opportunities presented by a networked world
  • Focusing on smart cities, housing, manufacturing and health
  • Challenges for businesses and organisations
  • Predictions and conclusions for future smart lives