Nigel Hewson

Group Account Director

Nigel Hewson - Group Account Director

Nigel is a digital marketing specialist with over 14 years’ experience in client services. He’s worked for a broad range of FTSE100 companies from RBS, BT, Microsoft, Unilever, Nestle and the UK Government. At RBS Nigel was responsible for work ranging from consumer website redesign, NatWest Cricket microsites, Green Flag integrated campaigns, and RBS’ Employee Brand Marketing, as well as website development and social media strategy.  At BIO he’s been responsible for implementing Halfords digital marketing strategy, working with Invesco to set their vision for digital transformation, and expanding publisher Hachette’s enterprise web framework into new online experiences. When he’s not in the office you’re most likely to find him exploring new theatre around London.

What excites me most is how we can help clients realise the potential of digital transformation for their business