Peter Veash


Peter Veash - Biography - BIO CEO

Peter founded The BIO Agency in 2006, bringing together pure-play digital experts to create digital change. It’s quickly grown to become a major player and is now one of the UK’s most successful innovative digital agencies.

Peter champions creating innovative solutions for both consumer and B2B brands. His key strength lies in making his vision a reality by building it on a strategic understanding of consumer behaviour and desires, in order to deliver transformative new products and services.

Peter features regularly in the media and has covered key Apple launches on both Bloomberg and CNN. He’s also advised the government on the future of retail as well as writing regular press opinion pieces. Outside of BIO you’re most likely to find him creating and exchanging ideas with other tech innovators at Burning Man.

As a combination of business thinkers and experience designers, we have been and always will be about digital change. From the get-go, our methodologies were built around helping brands evolve, adapt and deliver results